Senior High Day 3

Campers were able to go to on different long options including long crafts or going on a hike up dirty face. Campers had A-frame time before their long options and then went on their long options and got back right at dinner. After dinner there were different seminars campers could choose from along with going to the river from some river time which mostly consists of rock skipping.

Senior High Day 2

You can really feel the energy in these kids and see how excited they are to be here and engage in the activites. We had our first full day at camp consisting of many afternoon options and of course the mud pit. There’s some great activities planned for the rest of the week.

Also checkout our YouTube channel to see our camp videos. They can be found under our camp video playlist. Our YouTube channel is Tall Timber Ranch.

Senior High Day One

The first day of Senior High has arrived. Campers started with the classic games and A-Frame and campfire. We can’t wait to see what God does in these kids this week.

Junior Camp Day 2

The first full day of camp was filled with so much energy. Campers had their first afternoon options including giant swing, waterslide, crafts, and others. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has instore for these kids.

Junior Camp Day 1

We are back at it again with another action packed week. Campers enjoyed some camp games and music and skits put on by counselors.

Junior High Day 4

Day 4 has reached us.. Kids enjoyed/ endured another polar plunge which definitely woke them up. It was a pretty normal day until dinner where we had a festival dinner outside followed by a fun time at festival. After Festival kids went into the A-Frame and presented their skits, and after skits we had a surprise dance party with a campfire. Only one more full day at camp!


Junior High Day 3

Today campers had a pretty normal day at camp. The morning consisted with A-frame followed by bible study and low ropes. After lunch kids went to their afternoon options and when they had finished up all the afternoon options, we packed some hobo stews ( a camp favorite) and we went to the beach to have some dinner b the fire and bond with those around us.


Junior High Day 2

Today campers experienced some bible study time along with low ropes. After lunch they had afternoon options which included many activities such as zipline, crafts, ect. After afternoon options we had an amazing time at mud pit followed with dinner and other group games. After campfire we had an all camp game of clue in the dark which was filled with so much energy.


Junior High Day 1

As campers arrived they were greeted by counselors and met their new cabin mates. Camp got started off with some icebreaker games and a camp tour. Then we had an amazing meal followed by some worship and skits from the staff. The night ended with a campfire and some cabin time. Campers went to bed early to be energized for an action packed week.


Mini Camp 2019!


Yesterday, after registration, camp kicked off with meadow games. We ran and ran and ran while screaming at the top of lungs to get out all of our anxious energy. We had macaroni and cheese (with plenty of veggies, don’t worry) for dinner. Everyone really started to settle in to camp life and their were lots of smiles around the lodge!

The first night of camp is always counselor skit night. It is an evening everyone looks forward to it, but the counselors really out did themselves! They put on their best rendition of “Raisin Bran” and made many of us laugh so hard that we fell out of our seats! DidgeriDrew and Hugh made their last appearance of the summer and warmed us all with their beautiful music. As you can tell from the photos, we had a blast.

Drew is our speaker this week. He organized a very special campfire hour. While sharing with campers about the story of Genesis, Drew invited two of our staff to hold up a large white sheet. Behind the sheet stood another staffer who would then live paint the Creation story in India ink. It looked like the painting was creating itself and was very special to watch. After singing silly songs like “The Penguin” song and “Little Red” Drew reminded us all that we are beautifully made. He had us yell “WE ARE BEAUTIFUL” at the top of our lungs till we not only remembered, but believed it.

Today is our fullllllll day of camp!

We have a had a great day so far. Cheesy buns and tomato soup helped to keep our energy up as we prepare for water games and fun this afternoon!

Primary Camp Day 3

Well the last day is already here. We are wrapping things up and the kids had another day of afternoon options along with some camp games and a festival followed by an amazing experiential worship time. So excited to see how God works in these kids after they leave camp.

Primary Camp Day 2

As kids are getting to know their cabin mates we have started a normal day of camp. Kids enjoyed some bible study along with A-frame and then some afternoon options. Kids went to camp fire later and had another great message from drew!

First Day of Primary

Primary campers have arrived. Day one included a camp tour followed by some amazing dinner prepared by the kitchen staff. Campers then enjoyed some awesome A-Frame worship with staff introductions and skits. Campers wrapped up the night with a camp fire and a message from our wonderful guest speaker. There’s so much energy at camp!

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Connecting with others in Nature

A new Facebook post, capturing the moment on Snapchat, Tweeting about that awesome burger you ate. God created humans with the ability to create and the want to strive for an improved life but what if some of our inventions separate us more from those around us and the things god created than they do drawing us closer.

Psalm 104 verse 24-25 says “[24] How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. [25] There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number— living things both large and small.” As one goes through the normal routines of life as we know it, it can be incredibly easy to fall into the trap of living life through a device rather than living life immersed in Gods creations. Psalm 104 can give us the little reminder we may be needing to put down something humans created and enjoy the creations god gave us and praise him for the wisdom he had to create all creatures. One can get so caught up in seeing what others are doing or seeing what will give them instant gratification that they need to step back and immerse themselves in a community and enjoy all that god has given us.

              Tall Timber is a place in which those daily distractions and worries are put behind and we are filled with a sense of belonging within a powerful community surrounded by everything god has created, from the rocks on which we climb to the wildlife we observe as a creation of God. One of the most important parts about camp is the community formed weather that be the connection between campers and staff or campers to campers or even just staff to staff, we feel a real sense of belonging when we are with one another rather than seeing one another on a device or social media platform. When we are immersed in community our faith can build upon one another’s and grow us even closer to God. 1st John chapter 1 verse 7 clearly informs us that when in community we are brought closer to God “[7] But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.”

              Tall Timber provides people with the ability to disconnect and engage with a community that can help one another grow in faith while being present in the amazing creations of God.


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Adventure Camp Midweek Point

We’ve reached the midweek spot of Adventure camp. The campers arrived back at camp today and we started off with a great day here at camp. We had afternoon options including high ropes, crafts, rock wall, and archery. Dinner was a fantastic family style meal prepared by Victoria and the amazing kitchen staff. After dinner the campers played a big game of capture the flag and then they went to campfire. Tomorrow will be a regular day at camp but it’s gonna be an action packed day!

Return of the Adventurers: Adventure Camp 2019


They are back!

Our adventurers have returned from their 2 night trek. Everyone arrived back at camp around 11:00am this morning. We unpacked, reunited, and relaxed in the sun before lunch. Here is a little catch up on what happened while they were gone:

Monday afternoon around 2:00pm campers departed for Lake Wenatchee and 8 Mile Campground to set up their home away from camp. After rock climbers settled in they headed to Barney’s Rubble to begin their adventure and learn the ropes. Canoes started their journey down the White River towards Lake Wenatchee State Park. Meanwhile, rafters and horses played many camp games and hung out for the evening. Their adventures would begin the next morning. We packed tin foil stews for dinner and cooked them over the campfire. The day ended with lots of full bellies and campfire stories!

Tuesday, canoes and rock climbers had an early start. Horseback riders began their ride at 9am and rafters entered the river shortly after 9am. Everyone packed a sack lunch to enjoy on their various adventures. Our Media Specialist, Lyle, had a busy day going to each adventure to get footage of the campers! We can’t wait for the end of week video so we can see all of the fun that ensued!

By 3:30pm all of the adventures were finishing. Rafters, canoes, and horseback riders all met up at Lake Wenatchee State Park. Even though it was a little windy, many of the campers enjoyed a swim in the Lake and games on the beach. Lot’s of restful hangout time was needed after all that adventuring! For dinner, everyone roasted their own hot dogs. They were a pretty big hit! It did rain shortly Tuesday evening, but everyone remained in high spirits. Tuesday ended with fellowship around the campfire and excitement for a good night sleep.

Now, back to Wednesday! We enjoyed delicious homemade pizza for lunch. Campers took turns signing up for afternoon options. The energy in the lodge was FULL of excitement as some campers would have their first opportunity to try our high ropes elements. Crafts, rock wall, giant swing, and zipline are on deck for this afternoon. We’ve planned a full afternoon so that campers have the opportunity to try all of the options they would like. It has been a fantastic first day back to regular camp life. Thankfully it is only Wednesday!

Adventuring into the Garden, Together

Today marks the first day of Adventure Camp! The lodge is full once more of excited voices as campers meet their cabin-mates for the first time.

As always, camp began with ice breakers and games in the meadow. We all enjoyed burrito bar for dinner followed by staff skits and worship. After campfire, we will surprise campers with a night game! They will have the opportunity to work together as a team and test their survival skills through trivia, compass navigation, filtering water, and shelter building.

The rain clouds have now cleared away! We can already tell that the stars will shine brightly tonight. Camp spirits are high with the anticipation growing for the adventures ahead. It feels fantastic to be all together. To sit around a table and have a meal. To run in the meadow with our voices being lifted to the mountain tops. To sing and be goofy around the campfire. Tomorrow afternoon we all will go our separate ways. For now, we are relishing in the unity of togetherness and of camp.

Skit Night 2018!


Yesterday we spent the afternoon participating in long options. Campers had the opportunity to either hike Dirty Face Mountain, Napeequa Falls, or Twin Lakes, work on team building exercises, write creatively with rockstar Beth Whitney, canoe, or collaboratively make a nature mandala. One of the campers here this week, Patrick, found feet finger puppets and added them to the middle of the nature mandala for that extra still life "oomph." We concluded the evening with skit night and everyone did an amazing job!

Mud Game On


Have you ever had mud up your nose? Has it ever stopped you from winning tug of war?? Let me just say, senior high campers are R E S I L I E N T. They plowed through the mud pit and conquered the water slide without a second thought. 

In addition to the mud pit, campers worked on team building during low ropes activities, rocketed down the water slide, and played a night game of counselor hunt! Lots of team points were racked up. 

Today we are wrapping up long options and will end the day with skit night. Cheers!


Electric Campfires and Billy Joel


We have been waiting all summer to try out a new sculpture project where campers make plaster cow skulls, and wow! They did an amazing job. Totally worth the wait. During afternoon options campers also spent their time making friendship bracelets and lanyards, hiking to Eagle's Crest, swinging from the giant swing, rock climbing, and zipping away on the zip line. We wrapped up yesterday with seminars after dinner and one of our best campfires yet! There is something about high school students gathering together around a campfire that is... electric. The energy and joy these campers bring to Tall Timber is unmatched. 

The senior Whidbey Island boys were a highlight of the day as they crushed the dish room after dinner while singing at the top of their lungs to Billy Joel (video to follow soon). 

Today is M U D P I T day! Our facilities crew have been busy prepping the pit and chasing away any tempted wildlife. We have a brand new rope for tug of war and could not be more excited for this afternoon.