After a restless first night, the campers were pumped to break out into their expedition groups this afternoon to be trained for their individual adventures. Following the afternoon activities was the much anticipated Mud Pit. The place where our primitive instincts kick in, where its every man for himself, and ever women for herself. The place where the only rules are 1: Don't get me (The Camera guy) dirty and 2: Don't get hurt. Nobody got me or my camera, and nobody got hurt. All in all it was a great day in the Mud Pit. After dinner the kids enjoyed a game of Boys Vs. Girls in Storybook Squares, a rendition of Hollywood squares, where some of the guest stars included Captain Hook, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and many more. The Girls beat the boys, but I have to say the Boys showed up the ladies in the dance party that followed. After a full day of Mud Pit and dancing, on top of a restless night, its needless to say that they are ready for lights out in an hour.