This morning the camp arose to the sound of rain. As half the camp packed their bags to set out on their adventures the clouds only darkened. It did not look good. The question on everybody's mind was the same. Why does rain even exist in the summer? However as breakfast came to a close, and everyone was busing their tables, amongst the clatter of the dishes a single audible voice broke through. "Its Sunny!" And just like that the sun had broken through and it looked like July again. It didn't stick around for too long, but it had done the trick. Everyone had acquired their daily dose of vitamin D and was charged to face the day, whatever it might have in store! The rock climbers, horse back riders, and canoeers all braved the elements as scheduled and did not back down. The rest of camp was scheduled to go on their respected adventures Thursday night. So with half the camp gone today, life around here was much more relaxed. The weather around was described as "psychitzophrenic" by many campers today. When the sun broke out, the kids tumbled from the lodge and into the meadow, and when the rain came back, so did the kids, back into the lodge. Some brave souls persisted and continued to utilize the great outdoor adventures this camp has to offer, and go on the giant zip-line, and shoot archery. Others hangout in the main lodge, played cards, Foosball, pool, and told jokes. At 4:30 Everyone who did not go out on the adventures today honored the 2012 London Olympics by participating in the 2012 London Olympics Tall Timber edition, which included three legged soccer, Quidditch, and a Hunger games based water balloon fight in the already cold day. After dinner the campers finished the day by warming up and watching the fairy tale classic "Princess Bride" to match this years theme of "Once upon a time".Image