As the camp began to fall asleep last night, the rain and the clouds packed up and headed out. Not a single cloud was spotted in the sky until mid morning, and even then it was just a cute puffy little fella. All the expeditions returned safe and sound, and all had a great time even though the rain tried to stop them. The nations birthday was celebrated many times over today, beginning with a confused round of "God Bless America" sung before breakfast. Between the early morning hours, and the complete lack of knowledge of the song, many of the campers and staff hummed along as the new (former Navy) cook Ray trudged along and pulled us through the tune. The afternoon was full of Frisbee, Zip-lining, and other out door activities that featured the sun, such as the water slide.

Once the afternoon options had been completed the annual 4th of July Barbecue and Parade followed. The campers sat back with hot dogs and burgers in hand, as the staff paraded around in an overwhelming assortment of costumes all in some ridiculous way tied into our nations birth. Some how the camp's construction equipment was tied in, all though I'm not entirely sure how. None the less the parade was a big hit, and inspired much enthusiasm in the skit night that followed. To top off the fourth, the camp ended the day's activities with an ice-cream sundae party, which capped off this holiday perfectly.Image