This morning cam woke up to clouds. However the weather did not hinder the many activities planned for the day. The kids started the day with NBC (Nature, Bible Study, Crafts) after breakfast. Today's theme was "Seeds", based upon the parable of the farmer who planted the seeds in different soils. In nature the kids walked down to the river where they searched for seeds in order to better understand how they work. In crafts the kids painted little flower pots and planted a variety of plants. In Bible study the children re-enacted the parable in costume over and over, they couldn't get enough of it! 

In the afternoon the sun broke through, and with it came a variety of outdoor activities including the rock wall, zip-line, BMX, and others. They just finished the night game in which they had to complete a scavenger hunt around camp. The scenario: Hansel and Gretel have been kidnapped by an eclectic arrangement of classic villains including Gaston from beauty and the beast, Captain hook, the ugly step sisters, The big bad wolf, and many many more. They are just now wrapping up campfire and heading off to bed, it has been another full day at Tall Timber today, and we look forward to many more this week!Image