The great weather continued to spill into today, giving us plenty of sun and vitamin D. The schedule for today was a full one to say the least. The morning began bright and early at 7 with an optional Polar Plunge. Those few brave souls who jumped in hustled back to take a nice warm shower before breakfast. After breakfast NBC rotations began. In nature kids studied their surroundings in a game called "See & Look", where they write down all they can see, then take a pair of binoculars to look into it more. Crafts was spent making puppet sheep to fit with the parable taught in bible study based upon sheep and goats. Campers made their own sack lunches today to take with them on their respected hikes in the neighboring forest lands bordering camp.

At 4 o'clock sharp the Mud Pit began. It was utter chaos with mud flying and children screaming with laughter. Following dinner was the much anticipated skit night featuring a skit by each cabin. To end the jam packed day we all busted out our best moves in an all-camp dance party and ice-cream social.Image