As camp awoke to the first full day of the week, the weather started out the day in true summer fashion. The day remained at a great temperature all day, never to hot, but never cold either. The great weather was perfect for the much anticipated mud pit scheduled for the afternoon. The campers let their tribal instincts take over in a free-for-all in the mud. The morning was spent in a time of worship and activity classes. Each camper got to pick activity classes they wanted to participate in, and classes included, but were not limited to, dancing, survival, pie making, and operations. Operations being the grounds-keeping and maintenance of camp. Right now the kids are participating in Storybook squares, a rendition of Hollywood squares but with classic story book characters instead of Hollywood actors. In an hours time, the night game will commence. This years night game features Hansel and Gretel being kidnapped by an eclectic collection of classic storybook villains. Cabins must band together and complete a scavenger hunt in order to rescue the lost pair. So far camp is going great, and the kids are just stoked to be here!Image