The campers woke up reluctantly this morning. They were still eager to have a great day, but after the first full day of camp, and a late night rescuing Hansel and Gretel, they were slow to get out of bed. The morning was filled with the second part of each activity class. The dance class was taught Bollywood dancing by tall timber's very own competitive Bollywood dancer Isha Paul. The pie baking class spent most of the day enjoying the multiple pies baked the day before. The class favorite was clearly rhubarb pineapple. At lunch camp sang happy birthday to harry potter in honor of "Harry Potter Day" which is celebrated around the world on July 31st.

Afternoon options included BMX, rock wall, archery, crafts, and the giant swing.  Quidditch was also played in honor of HP day. Diner was held on the river, in a tall timber traditional cookout. Needless to say "Hobo Stew" night was a hit. The kids loved to create their very own "Hobo Stew" and cook them in an open fire. They are just returning from the beach and are headed to A-frame for a time of worship and fun, to be followed by campfire then its lights out at 10:30. Junior high is having a blast and is looking forward to the rest of the week!Image