As the 5th day of camp began everyone was starting to get in the routine of the day. Breakfast followed by worship and cabin time, than some more cabin building time and lunch. This afternoon's activity was the King's festival. After an afternoon of zip-line, rock wall, archery, and crafts it was time for the festival. Cabins competed against each other for the right to put their counselors under the dunk tank. The games in which they competing including steal the bacon, jousting, archery, climbing Jack's beanstalk, and storm the castle. Everyone had a blast competing in the mini-games and some even got a little carried away in steal the bacon. It was all fun and games though, nobody got hurt and everyone was excited for the feast to follow. Dinner tonight was Cheesy Bun Madness! The flavors included classic cheese, Philly-cheese steak, taco, and pesto Chicken.

This evening's activity is an experiential worship in which cabins follow the prodigal son on his journey back to his fathers house. They get the opportunity to experience first hand the fathers patience, mercy, and grace. The journey ends in a campfire and a worship time they will never forget. It's going to be a late night, but tomorrow the first thing on the schedule is brunch at 10! everyone is looking forward to a chance to get some much needed rest.Image