Day 6: We are wrapping up Junior High Adventure Camp here at Tall Timber. Though the week is coming to a close, we are still going strong!

The morning began (for those daring enough) with a polar plunge. Followed by cabin devotions, ropes course and morning rotations. Horse riding was a special option after lunch, and the water slide was gladly put up again. If that was not enough water activity, a game of kickball splash was able to seal the deal.

A banquet dinner was held for all to enjoy as we shared our final evening meal together (lasagna... yum!). Evening worship start at 7:15 to be concluded with campfire at 9:00pm. After a very exciting and adventure filled week, we sure do have some tired campers. Lots of love and energy has been shared. A big thank you to all who helped participate this week! It is defiantly a time to remember.

-Sarah (Media Specialist)

P.S. Photos from this week will be up on smugmug by Monday!