Day 3: Another glorious morning up here at TTR! After the usual breakfast, A-frame gathering, solo time, and cabin bible study (so many exciting things!) campers headed to their activity classes. I had the privileged of helping out with the pottery class! So I can certainly say from that perspective, that everyone had an amazing clay covered morning (yay pottery wheel!).

Also, rock climbers went into Leavenworth all morning! I am excited to hear how that went! Lunch was a DELICIOUS mac n' cheese and afternoon options were in full swing (literally... :) lots of action on the high ropes). We held seminars this afternoon, packed up our out door playing gear, and headed to the river  for hobo stews. So much fun! Campfire is next with Zach! AND tomorrow is beach day.

-Sarah (Media Specialist)

P.S. I just put up some fun photos from the week on our smugmug. Check them out!junior high camp day 3 316