Day 5: Junior High Camp is wrapping up with a tight schedule. A-frame worship, solo time, bible study, activity classes, afternoon options, and seminar topic classes occupied the day. Experiential worship service is tonight, followed by our commitment service. This is a special time for campers to really establish their faith and grow spiritually.

On a side note, beach day yesterday was a HUGE success! Sorry for not updating the blog yesterday! It appears I did not hit the publish button (I am a new blogger!). It was hot, hot, hot, and sunny at the beach. The lake was pretty calm... in till about 3:00pm when the wind picked up... and besides all of the splashing from some of the boys (cough cough summer staff). BUT lots of fun was had by all and no one appeared to get extremely sunburned. Pretty big accomplishment I would say (yay sunscreen!).

Plenty of exciting things happening tomorrow!

-Sarah (Media Specialist)

Oh! I have updated the smugmug again! Check it out!