Day 6! Well, the day has's the last full day of Junior High Camp. :(

Activity classes were super exciting as things started to wrap up. Frisbee. drama, geology hikes, sewing, lawn games, OPS and SO MUCH MORE! After afternoon options (which are always awesome!) the county fair was held! I have to say that dinner was absolutely one of the highlights. Ray sure knows how to make some delicious cheesy buns! After our wonderful picnic we had skit night! My goodness was there laughter in the air! Campers did an excellent job performing silliness for their peers.

What could be better than skit night? A surprise dance party of course! I told you today was going to be excellent! But what possibly could be better than a dance party? ICE CREAM SUNDAES. So many fun things. Campfire is the perfect conclusion to this epic day and week.

-Sarah (Media Specialist)