Day 2: Things are moving forward as we get ready to start our service projects for the week. After breakfast and morning worship, campers met for the first time in their small groups for bible study. To help strengthen relationships and build trust within the groups, we headed to the low ropes course right before lunch. The groups were excellent and innovative as they moved through each activity with record times. One group even got everyone over "the wall" in less than 4 minutes!

Project team meetings were held this afternoon so that everyone could be on the same page as we roll out of camp tomorrow (exciting!). Our afternoon consisted of: high ropes, crafts, giant swing, zip line, and the water slide. For many of our campers, this is their very first time at camp (Tall Timber Ranch). so it was very exciting to watch everyone's progress through out the afternoon as they took on a different adventure. A game of Wells Fargo is to be played tonight, another favorite of the week! Followed by campfire with Cliff!

-Sarah (Media Specialist)