Day 3: Today is long options day! After are usual morning schedule (breakfast, A-frame gathering, solo, cabin bible study) campers split in to different groups and headed out on their long option adventure. We had a small canoeing group, followed by several hiking trips (Grasshopper, Dirty Face, Napeequa Falls, and Eagles Crest) Since senior high camp is always exciting, we wanted to spice up the hikes a little bit.

We offered an art and hiking adventure, as well as a music and photography hike.  After long options, we have a showing of the movie Holes! A much deserved rest from all of the playing around. AND after dinner we have a huge treat, Beth Whitney is coming to Tall Timber for a special concert! Because of the fire ban, we are having to be a bit creative at campfire time. BUT we are not letting that get us down. Campfire is still as much fun with out an actual fire. Thanks to Clifford and Faith for doing a great job!

-Sarah (Media Specialist)