Isaiah 9:6 is a familiar passage that speaks with profound purpose in The Message. Our Eternal Father has been working all year at Tall Timber Ranch, transforming the lives of those He brings here.  Your support, through your prayers, service and gifts, is a source of great joy for our many guests. We invite you to celebrate with us the coming of the Light of the World.

2013_christmas_004Junior Campers

Lyndsay’s prayer truly spoke to me. I connected with God through her, and I’m so glad she was there to talk with me.

I have grown in thought. I’ve thought more about god and how he’s in my life and how he’ll always walk beside me and within me. Walking through the labyrinth and praying there was very important to me.

2013_christmas_003Junior High Campers

This week at camp has been amazing! I made tons of new friends and feel closer to God and I learned more about him. I think what mostly made me feel closer to God was the guest speaker and solo time. I learned tons of new things like rock climbing, Frisbee, dancing, and got to experience new things like the giant swing, high ropes, and zip line.

I learned many new skills; how to rock climb, how to dance, how to go on high ropes. I conquered my fear of heights that I didn’t even know I had. I came here not knowing God and have grown closer to him this week. I got many new friends. This was a great Experience.

2013_christmas_001Senior High Campers

I just want to thank everyone who worked to get this camp up and running the way it does, it rocks! I learned a lot this week, especially from the speaker's talks, they were so inspirational. My faith has definitely done a 180. I loved this week and it has made me realize that God is there for me and I don’t need to turn away from him when the road gets bumpy, cause that when I need him the most. Thank you so much.

I love coming here and being able to learn about god. It’s a safe place to grow and learn. Also being able to open up to God surrounded by people who love you is an awesome feeling.

The most meaningful thing I did this week was sharing testimonies with my cabin. It really made me think deeper about my story and that I never know what people have been through until I learn their story. I learned that God works in different ways for everyone and shows himself differently.

Dear Tall Timber Family,

Through Bible teaching at camp or a teachable moment by a counselor, God is using the people at Tall Timber Ranch to bring His healing to guests.

While revenues from fees go a long way to covering our expenses, we absolutely relay on the generosity of those people and churches who understand the value of a camp or retreat experience in shaping the life of a child or adult.  Thank you, we could not do without your help.

Blessings, Stan Fishburn Executive Director