IMG_5984Sun rises early and so do we... okay so maybe 7:30am isn't that early to some people but maybe that's also beside the point. This Monday morning is full to the brim with adventures to come. First came breakfast, followed by A-frame gathering for some exciting worship songs and a meaningful speech from our speaker Bob. Next up is bible study and low ropes team building cabin groups enjoyed the sunshine as they read about the genesis story and helped each other cross wobbling wires, ascend high walls and squeeze through mama Hunnie's giant spider web. Its not hard to work up an appetite here at Tall Timber but not to worry because next up is lunch! On full stomachs campers met with their adventure teams to talk about what they would need for the biking, climbing, horse back riding, white water rafting, or canoeing to come. IMG_6106Later in the afternoon brought out the more extreme activities such as our radical rock wall, rocking ropes course, awesome archery, and crazy crafts, along with some super slack lining. But the fun did not end there for as 4:30 rolled around it was time for the long awaited MUD PIT where staff and campers alike enjoyed the chance to cover every inch of themselves and all their friends in as much mud as they could hold in their dirty paws. After being thoroughly hosed off the long line for the showers pilled up until every camper was squeaky clean and ready for dinner. A nice relaxed popcorn and movie night was what awaited the campers after their tiring tirades of the afternoon, and all sat quietly to enjoy the show.As 9:00pm rolls around there is also campfire including, of course, some rousing campfire songs, and a talk from our speaker Bob. Finally, sleep. adieu!



-Faith Evelyn Gleason Summer Media Specialist Tall Timber Ranch





He lifted me out of the slimy pit,     out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock     and gave me a firm place to stand. -Psalm 40:2