Day 1IMG_1926

The final week, senior high, a week looked forward to by so many finally arrived! The excitement swelled as campers arrived for a week of true Tall Timber Ranch fun. They moved into their cabins for the week and met their fantastic councilors and cabin mates and soon were playing all camp mixer games and having a grand old time. After a scrumptious dinner was staff skit night! Where the intro video is shown and the staff proceed to make as much a fool out of themselves as they can for the enjoyment of the campers. IMG_2057After this came campfire (as much of one as possible with a state-wide burn ban) where some silly songs were sung and the speaker for the week, Zachary, gave a talk. As campers began to snuggle into their beds for sleep the bell resounded through camp marking the time of clan initiation! Each cabin was divided into one of the 4 clans and each clan went out and had a special activity to welcome their new members. After activities such as finding the ancestors, showing strength through moving a tower, climbing rock wall in darkness and a leap of faith, sleepy eyes closed as the stars shone bright in the sky and all slept in preparation for the excitement tomorrow brings.IMG_2033

-Faith Evelyn Gleason Media specialist Tall Timber Ranch