They Came

They Adventured 

Junior High adventure camp is off to an i n c r e d i b l e  start! This camp is such a fun time for our staff and campers. During jr. high adventure camp we get to break the usual camp routine, adventure for 2 full days (!), camp at Lake Wenatchee, and play in the woods all day! What could be more fun?? Lucky for our campers they also get to experience some of our traditional Tall Timber activities too. Whew. What. A. Week. And it is only beginning. 

Our adventurers have just returned! During lunch I was able to hear about worm battles, slack lining competitions, group charades, and sunset watching over Lake Wenatchee. One of our campers Chase, shared about how after the sunset, a little campfire song shout out occurred and the last bit of day light was ushered out with "bee bidily otten gotten bobo shi whatengotten." I wish you could have seen the smile on his face!

This evening, after campers have showered, had cabin time, and bible study, we will be celebrating the 4th of July with a carnival! The program team has been working pretty hard to make the coolest western themed carnival on this side of the Mississippi. The campers have been working pretty hard too on their human fireworks performance. Don't worry I'll keep you updated on the results. 

Happy 4th!