From the lake

to a carnival 

Full days of fun always happen here at Tall Timber, but today was a little extra special. Our campers returned from there amazing adventures, tired and ready for food, thinking it was just a normal day at camp. They were wrong… It was carnival day! Many fun events were planned, and campers had a blast! Cabins competed in human fireworks, where our campers preformed as the fireworks. Dancing to fun music and working together as a team brought smiles to all our campers faces. After dinner, our campers had a great time at carnival. There were games like, pin the tail on the donkey, corn holes, ring toss and panning for gold. Campers earned tickets while playing games in order to win special prizes from our ticket booth.After playing the games our campers would get ticket to win prizes from our ticket booth! What a great day that was had here at Tall Timber, whats next?