Yesterday, after registration, camp kicked off with meadow games. We ran and ran and ran while screaming at the top of lungs to get out all of our anxious energy. We had macaroni and cheese (with plenty of veggies, don’t worry) for dinner. Everyone really started to settle in to camp life and their were lots of smiles around the lodge!

The first night of camp is always counselor skit night. It is an evening everyone looks forward to it, but the counselors really out did themselves! They put on their best rendition of “Raisin Bran” and made many of us laugh so hard that we fell out of our seats! DidgeriDrew and Hugh made their last appearance of the summer and warmed us all with their beautiful music. As you can tell from the photos, we had a blast.

Drew is our speaker this week. He organized a very special campfire hour. While sharing with campers about the story of Genesis, Drew invited two of our staff to hold up a large white sheet. Behind the sheet stood another staffer who would then live paint the Creation story in India ink. It looked like the painting was creating itself and was very special to watch. After singing silly songs like “The Penguin” song and “Little Red” Drew reminded us all that we are beautifully made. He had us yell “WE ARE BEAUTIFUL” at the top of our lungs till we not only remembered, but believed it.

Today is our fullllllll day of camp!

We have a had a great day so far. Cheesy buns and tomato soup helped to keep our energy up as we prepare for water games and fun this afternoon!