They are back!

Our adventurers have returned from their 2 night trek. Everyone arrived back at camp around 11:00am this morning. We unpacked, reunited, and relaxed in the sun before lunch. Here is a little catch up on what happened while they were gone:

Monday afternoon around 2:00pm campers departed for Lake Wenatchee and 8 Mile Campground to set up their home away from camp. After rock climbers settled in they headed to Barney’s Rubble to begin their adventure and learn the ropes. Canoes started their journey down the White River towards Lake Wenatchee State Park. Meanwhile, rafters and horses played many camp games and hung out for the evening. Their adventures would begin the next morning. We packed tin foil stews for dinner and cooked them over the campfire. The day ended with lots of full bellies and campfire stories!

Tuesday, canoes and rock climbers had an early start. Horseback riders began their ride at 9am and rafters entered the river shortly after 9am. Everyone packed a sack lunch to enjoy on their various adventures. Our Media Specialist, Lyle, had a busy day going to each adventure to get footage of the campers! We can’t wait for the end of week video so we can see all of the fun that ensued!

By 3:30pm all of the adventures were finishing. Rafters, canoes, and horseback riders all met up at Lake Wenatchee State Park. Even though it was a little windy, many of the campers enjoyed a swim in the Lake and games on the beach. Lot’s of restful hangout time was needed after all that adventuring! For dinner, everyone roasted their own hot dogs. They were a pretty big hit! It did rain shortly Tuesday evening, but everyone remained in high spirits. Tuesday ended with fellowship around the campfire and excitement for a good night sleep.

Now, back to Wednesday! We enjoyed delicious homemade pizza for lunch. Campers took turns signing up for afternoon options. The energy in the lodge was FULL of excitement as some campers would have their first opportunity to try our high ropes elements. Crafts, rock wall, giant swing, and zipline are on deck for this afternoon. We’ve planned a full afternoon so that campers have the opportunity to try all of the options they would like. It has been a fantastic first day back to regular camp life. Thankfully it is only Wednesday!