Senior High


Three cheers for S E N I O R  H I G H! Its our last week of summer camp and we are going all out! This is one of our favorite weeks of the summer, so seriously, no rock is getting unturned. Yesterday we kicked off the day with staff skit night (Shout out to DidgeriDrew for the fab performance!), followed by campfire and a surprise night game! Campers rocked the meadow. 

Today is off to a great start thanks to worship at A-frame, low ropes, bible study, and afternoon options. Huzzah!

Christmas in July!

Happy Christmas in July! We celebrated this special Wednesday with activity rotations, a Christmas themed counselor dress up game, cookie decorating, and carnival! We had a G R E A T day. It was a hot one, both spirits and temperatures were high. This week was deffinetly one for the books. 

Water Day!


It is in the upper 90ºs today at Tall Timber, which means it is the perfect day for water games! Campers participated in multiple relay games, had the opportunity to go down the water slide, AND spray their counselor with squirt games. It has been such a joy to spend the week with these kiddos and it is hard to believe that it is already Tuesday!

YILT 2018


At Tall Timber, YILT, or Youth in Leadership Training, is one of our favorite traditions. Our young leaders spend a week diving deeper in to their faith, overcoming obstacles (both physically and emotionally), and growing in God's awesome wilderness, together. They are lead by their fearless leader Dave Vogee, and often make life long friendships! We are so thankful for these leaders, especially this week as they volunteer counsel and share their hearts with our junior campers!


Junior Camp 2018


Junior Camp is so fun. And hilarious. Last night we kicked things off with one of our best skit nights yet! 

Goodbyes Are Easier with Frozen Treats


Today is our last day of Junior High camp. We are all bummed! This week has been SO MUCH FUN. Our team competitions have come to a close, and luckily, this means our frozen treat extravaganza is about to begin! The winners of this week's competitions get to choose from an array of cold deliciousness, Italian sodas, dream cones, ice-cream sandwiches, or sno-cones.

Last night we spent a majority of our time at carnival and after campfire, once campers were supposed to be in bed... a glow stick dance party occurred in the meadow! Truly, this has been a lively and j o y filled week. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.   

Jr. High Mud Pit


W A T E R day! Wednesday was jam packed with relays, mud pit, river time, and experiential worship. We enjoyed so much fellowship today! Though each team won a different relay, the blue team is currently in the lead for our end of week frozen treat extravaganza. We will see if a different team pulls ahead tomorrow during the carnival.

It has been so special spending the week with 100+ junior highers! They have all been such great sports and enthusiastic team players. During breakfast, one of our campers, Maya, asked if she could publicly thank the Pratt cabin for their help during the night game. This turned into a compliment parade and it was such a joy to hear how positive and helpful everyone has been!


Empanada Tuesday filled our morning bellies and allowed our campers to have plenty of energy for their second full day of camp! The day kicked off with A-frame, bible study, and a camp-wide game of clue. Junior Highers signed up for their choice of afternoon options, and spent the rest of their day having tea parties, discussing life over root beer floats, enameling pendants, climbing the rock wall, zipping across the meadow, swinging from the tree line, building giant log forts, or worshiping through dance. Whew. What. A. Day. 

For those curious, last night's game of capture the flag ended in a truce! Tonight however, the teams will have another opportunity to compete as they hunt for their outlaw counselors.  

2018 Junior High Camp


We have been looking forward to this week all summer! A FULL junior high camp!! This means our little valley is reverberating with laughter and chants of "water water h2o, dehydration no no no!" Today is our first full day of solo time, low ropes, afternoon options, and our first night game! Campers have been split up into color teams (red, blue, yellow, and green) and will be competing all week for various prizes. There have been murmurings all morning discussing strategy for this evening's game of capture the flag. One of our campers, Ian, mentioned to me that he will be spending five minutes before the game "channeling the flag." 


Mini Camp 2018


Mini camp came and went in a flash. Campers participated in parachute games, silly songs, water games, s'more roasting, crafts, and bible study. We were so impressed by our mini campers' willingness to play and desire to grow in God's awesome wilderness. One of our campers, Issac, shared: "On the nature walk I felt God. God was in the yarrow flowers, and the sunshine. And even the mosquitoes that tried to bite through my bug spray."

Primary camp 2018


I am not sure we have ever laughed this much at Tall Timber. This week's primary camp has been so special and full of life. We have had outstanding whip cream skits, french horn performances, homemade ice-cream, and epic game battles. Today was especially awesome as we spent the evening roasting marshmallows at the river underneath a crescent rainbow.  Our campers are off to bed with the excitement of carnival tomorrow evening! 

Adventurers like carnivals too

From the lake

to a carnival 

Full days of fun always happen here at Tall Timber, but today was a little extra special. Our campers returned from there amazing adventures, tired and ready for food, thinking it was just a normal day at camp. They were wrong… It was carnival day! Many fun events were planned, and campers had a blast! Cabins competed in human fireworks, where our campers preformed as the fireworks. Dancing to fun music and working together as a team brought smiles to all our campers faces. After dinner, our campers had a great time at carnival. There were games like, pin the tail on the donkey, corn holes, ring toss and panning for gold. Campers earned tickets while playing games in order to win special prizes from our ticket booth.After playing the games our campers would get ticket to win prizes from our ticket booth! What a great day that was had here at Tall Timber, whats next?

Adventure C A M P 2018


They Came

They Adventured 

Junior High adventure camp is off to an i n c r e d i b l e  start! This camp is such a fun time for our staff and campers. During jr. high adventure camp we get to break the usual camp routine, adventure for 2 full days (!), camp at Lake Wenatchee, and play in the woods all day! What could be more fun?? Lucky for our campers they also get to experience some of our traditional Tall Timber activities too. Whew. What. A. Week. And it is only beginning. 

Our adventurers have just returned! During lunch I was able to hear about worm battles, slack lining competitions, group charades, and sunset watching over Lake Wenatchee. One of our campers Chase, shared about how after the sunset, a little campfire song shout out occurred and the last bit of day light was ushered out with "bee bidily otten gotten bobo shi whatengotten." I wish you could have seen the smile on his face!

This evening, after campers have showered, had cabin time, and bible study, we will be celebrating the 4th of July with a carnival! The program team has been working pretty hard to make the coolest western themed carnival on this side of the Mississippi. The campers have been working pretty hard too on their human fireworks performance. Don't worry I'll keep you updated on the results. 

Happy 4th! 


Family Camp Closing Musings


Gathering Together. 

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for family camp. We truly had a wonderful time worshiping and growing together in God's awesome wilderness. We already can't wait for next year. 

Family Camp


Oh Happy Day 

Mid-Week Family Camp

Wow! It is hard to believe that we have already made it to our mid-week closing worship. Mid-week is a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to families heading home and hello to families joining us for the first time this summer! Thank you to everyone who has made this time so special. We can't wait to see you again soon. 

Family Camp 2018: Hi Hello!



We are so excited you are here.

Hi hello! 

Welcome readers! We are so excited you are here. Your presence marks the first day of our 2 0 1 8 summer programs. 

Family camp is a special time at Tall Timber where we get to fulfill our mission of growing together in God's awesome wilderness. Our campers this week range in age from 0 to 72! We even have a family of deer visiting, spotted by one of our littlest campers Clementine. 

So far we have spent our time together worshiping, making pottery, conquering the giant swing, riding bikes, and skipping rocks at girls' beach. Thank goodness the week is only just beginning. 


Senior High: Water Day

Senior High: Water Day

Our last full day of Senior High Camp is filled with all sorts of fun activities. We kicked off the day with our usual Bible Study and afternoon options, then moved into some special Friday events. Water Day consists of two types of water slides and our classic camp mud pit. Next up is carnival and skit night! 

Senior High: Fort Building

Senior High: Fort Building

After sleeping in and enjoying brunch, our Senior High campers signed up for afternoon activities. One of the available adventures was fort building with Nic the Program Intern. Campers worked together to design and build their very own shelter! 

Senior High: Day 2

Senior High: Day 2

It isn't camp without s'mores! The main events of Day 2 were cooking our Hobo Stews around the campfire, skipping stones, and roasting marshmallows. 

Senior High: Day 1

Senior High: Day 1

We have our oldest group of campers for the last week of our summer program! It's the exciting finale of two months of camping and we'll be bringing you daily updates here, on Facebook, and on Instagram.