First Cook Intern Job Description

Primary Tasks

  1. To minister to guests through hospitality
  2. Cook and serve food to guests in a timely safe manner
  3. Complete daily prep lists
  4. Keep the kitchen facility clean and organized
  5. Keep dining facility clean and properly stocked
  6. Adhere to the Health Code Regulations
  7. Obtain a Food Handler's Card


  1. A positive commitment to Christ.
  2. A basic understanding of the unique ministry of Christian Camping.
  3. An agreement with the policies of Tall Timber.
  4. An agreement with the Philosophy of Christian Camping of Tall Timber.
  5. Possesses helping skills including listening, sharing, paraphrasing, responsiveness, and humor.
  6. Is an effective role model of a Christian life.
  7. Has enough physical stamina to participate in camp activities, and an enthusiastic attitude.
  8. The willingness to work within the lines of authority and be evaluated by the Food Services Director on the basis of direct performance.
  9. A commitment to the health and safety of all guests and staff.
  10. A commitment to building and maintaining staff unity.
  11. An openness to learn in all areas and receive feedback.
  12. A willingness to live and work within the unique context of the Tall Timber setting.

Reporting Line

To the Food Services Director.


Each intern will receive a salary of $750 per month. They will receive free housing and utilities.  Meals are provided when guests are being served. Each intern can also raise up to $250 a month in additional support from personal donors, which will be added to their monthly salary. Checks can be mailed to the Tall Timber office with a memo line “internship donation.”

Performance Standards

Assist with food preparation, proper storage and handling of foods

  1. The assigned meals have been served on time and in the manner that the Food Service Director has laid out
  2. The assigned prep lists for the day has been properly followed and executed
  3. The facility is left in a state that is to the standard set by the Food Service Director and Health Code Laws
  4. Prior to starting work have a current Washington State: Food Handlers Card
  5. Leftover food is properly stored for optimal cooling
  6. Leftover food is covered and labeled by the next day and is stored according to use
  7. Leftover food is inventoried and a list is created to keep Food Service Director up to date

Build and maintain staff unity

  1. Attend and help lead staff training events.
  2. Attend all weekly staff meetings and weekly Program team meetings.
  3. Participate in staff Bible study, staff dinners, and devotional times.
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively with counseling staff through Senior counselors.

Abide by Tall Timber policies

  1. Follow all policies found in the Tall Timber Staff Manual.
  2. Maintain living quarters neatly, at least weekly.
  3. Follow all the terms which are agreed to in the Employment Contract.