Food Services Director


To minister to guests through preparing and supervising all meals.


This person is employed by Tall Timber and is accountable to the Board through the Executive Director. The Assistant Director will provide direct supervision.

Reporting Line

Reports to the Assistant Director


The Assistant Director will conduct an annual performance review in the Fall. (An initial assessment will take place at the end of six months.) There will be a comprehensive review every three years. Compensation review will ordinarily be done at a different time from performance review.


There are no set hours for this position. Seasonal variations prevail.


Full Time Year-Round Position


To assure the preparation of all meals and snacks.

Percentage of Time Spent:  60%

  1. Inventory food supplies weekly.
  2. Prepare menus as needed.
  3. Place weekly food orders as needed.
  4. Provide for the preparation of all meals and snacks.

To supervise all kitchen help.

Percentage of Time Spent:  10%

  1. Provide needed supervision and assistance for staff and volunteers assisting in tasks within Supervisor's area of responsibility, including: Summer and part-time food service staff, volunteers, and dish helpers.
  2. Train all part-time food service staff.

To assure safety, good health and order in the kitchen.

Percentage of Time Spent:  10%

  1. Communicate Tall Timber kitchen and other policies to staff & guests in a positive manner.
  2. Provide for the cleaning of the kitchen and dish washing areas.
  3. Provide for the storage of all perishables to protect against waste or spoilage.
  4. Report maintenance problems to the Manager.
  5. Adhere to all other State Food Service Regulations.
  6. Train the food service employees and volunteers in the safe handling and care of all kitchen equipment.

Keep accurate records of all food service areas.

Percentage of Time Spent:  5 %

  1. Submit Food Service Employee Time Records.
  2. Monitor the Food Service budget. (Including labor, food and supplies)

Assist with operational tasks when the kitchen is not in service.

Percentage of Time Spent:  10%

  1. Maintain the basic functioning of equipment in the kitchen
  2. During times when food service is not being provided other assignments as arranged with the Assistant Director will be completed.

Build and maintain staff unity.

Percentage Of Time Spent: 5 %

  1. Follow all policies found in the Tall Timber Staff Manual.
  2. Attend staff training events and staff meetings.
  3. Participate in staff Bible study and devotional times.
  4. Follow Grievance Policy and participate in any special sessions to facilitate unity or healing of staff relations.


Skills:  (Must possess demonstrated skills in the following areas)

  1. Food Service Management
  2. Interpersonal Relations
  3. Team Player
  4. Excellent Communicator (oral and written)
  5. Creativity
  6. Planning and scheduling
  7. Google Apps, Internet, and Computer proficiency related to Food Service
  8. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

Knowledge and Abilities

  1. An enthusiastic personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ and a genuine love for the Church, both of which are reflected in lifestyle.
  2. A basic understanding of the unique Ministry of Christian Camping.
  3. Have or be willing to obtain a valid Washington State Health Card.
  4. Have or be willing to obtain a valid Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification or equivalent.
  5. A comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of food preparation and service. Prefer at least three years’ experience with a food service program, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  6. Successful experience in supervision of multiple staff.


  1. An agreement with the policies of Tall Timber.
  2. An agreement with the Statement of Belief.
  3. An agreement with the Philosophy of Camping.
  4. A commitment to the health and safety of all guests and staff.
  5. A commitment to building and maintaining staff unity.
  6. A willingness to work within the lines of authority.
  7. An openness to learn in all areas.
  8. A commitment that the appearance and the preservation of the natural surroundings will be a primary consideration for all work.
  9. A willingness to live and work within the unique context of the Tall Timber setting.
  10. An understanding of and willingness to work with differing theological perspectives in the Christian tradition (in process)

Email your cover letter and a resume to Zachary Miller.