Program Director


To minister to guests through the care and development of Tall Timber Programs.


To plan and implement the Tall Timber Summer Camping Program. To conduct and promote year-round programs of Tall Timber in accordance with established philosophy, policies and procedures. To coordinate program related guest group activities and onsite hosting needs, and then communicate details to Tall Timber staff at weekly staff connects. Train and supervise program staff and volunteer counselors.


This person is employed by Tall Timber and hired by the Executive Director. The Assistant Director will provide direct supervision.

Reporting Line

Assistant Director


The Assistant Director will conduct an annual performance review in the fall. There will be a comprehensive review every three years. Compensation review will ordinarily be done at a different time from performance review.


There are no set hours for this position. Seasonal variations prevail.


This position is full-time, and the term is indefinite. An initial assessment will take place at the end of six months.



To conduct the Tall Timber Camping Program in a manner consistent with the Philosophy of Camping and policies.

Estimated Percentage Of Time Spent: 50%


Assume the major responsibility for planning and implementing Tall Timber sponsored camping programs. Take adequate time during other months to plan the summer program.


Program equipment and facilities are cared for in accordance to Tall Timber procedures.


Program activities are conducted in accordance to Tall Timber procedures.


  1. Plan and coordinate all logistics of summer program
  2. Develop weekly schedules for each camp and staff training
  3. Work with the Senior Counselor and Assistant PD to provide leadership to all summer staff
  4. Meet daily with the Program Staff
  5. Work with Assistant Director to secure speakers
  6. Keep directors up to speed on all program need
  7. Recruit and train volunteer counselors

Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When

  1. Specific summer program plans are submitted to the Assistant Director by requested dates.
  2. Bible Studies and other spiritual input materials are prepared and consistently provided.
  3. Speakers and Guest Artists are recruited.
  4. Program activities are planned and scheduled, appropriate for age level needs
  5. Campers are supervised and instructed in policies and procedures to ensure their safety.
  6. Counselor meetings are led and program details communicated.
  7. Program facilities and equipment are cared for and evaluated.  (These include but not limited to: rock wall, ropes course, bikes, skis and inner tubes, sound systems etc.)
  8. Program supplies and equipment are purchased within budget parameters.
  9. The Summer Program Log and Evaluation are submitted to the Assistant Director by requested date.
  10. Participated in the development of new program ideas and plans.


To supervise Tall Timber Program Staff in a manner consistent with personnel policies and activity manuals.  

Estimated Percentage Of Time Spent: (incorporated in Function 1)


  1. Program Staff: recruitment, training and supervision of paid and volunteer program staff.
  2. Volunteer Counselors:   recruitment, training and supervision of volunteer counselors.
  3. Speakers and Guest Artists: recruitment and supervision of speakers, teachers and guest artists.

Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When

  1. Paid and volunteer program staff have been recruited, trained, and supervised.
  2. Program Staff meetings and devotion times have been effectively conducted.
  3. Volunteer counselors have been recruited, trained and supervised.
  4. Speakers and Guest Artists have been recruited and supervised.


To promote and interpret Tall Timber within the participating guest groups, and the local community

Estimated Percentage of Time Spent:   15 %


  1. Materials: Help distribute brochures and promotional materials
  2. Promotional Travel: Visit churches and youth events to promote Tall Timber programs and encourage guest group use
  3. Networking: Network with youth pastors and Christian educators to promote the ministry and encourage their participation.

Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When:

  1. Brochures, mailings and materials are assisted with as requested by the Assistant Director.
  2. Presentations and church visits are made as requested by the Assistant Director.
  3. Meetings with youth and CE leaders are conducted.
  4. Project a positive image of Tall Timber with churches, guest groups and the local community.


To Serve as the Camp Host for guest groups at camp in accordance with Hosting Guidelines.

Estimated Percentage of Time Spent:   25%


  1. Guest Communication: In partnership with the Assistant Director, responsible for communicating program needs with guest group leader(s), and dispersing information to year-round staff at weekly meetings.
  2. Activities: Provide program activities when requested (within appropriate season/conditions).
  3. Activity Helpers: Recruit, train and supervise all paid and volunteer activity helpers as needed.
  4. Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When:
  5. The guest group leader has received timely communication during the camp event. (Topics include but not limited to camp policies and emergency instructions, program activities and invoice.)
  6. Program activities are provided when requested, including scheduling and staffing.
  7. Responded to group leaders’ questions and concerns during the event.
  8. Provided for hosting needs if unable to be present during the event.
  9. Scheduling for staffing for outdoor education events, including rotations to other departments.


To build and maintain staff unity.

Percentage of Time Spent:  10%


  1. Manuals:  Follow all policies found in the Tall Timber Staff Manual.
  2. Meetings:  Attend staff training events and staff meetings.
  3. Grievances: Follow Grievance Policy and participate in any special sessions to facilitate unity or healing of staff relations.
  4. Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When:
  5. The Full Time and the Summer Staff Manuals are annually reviewed.
  6. Devotions are provided daily for the summer program staff.
  7. Weekly Summer Staff Bible Study is attended.
  8. Conducting one-on-one meetings with summer staff, and being available to connect as needed.
  9. Summer staff training week, regional conference of CCCA, and other special staff events are attended.
  10. Weekly staff meetings and special meetings with the Assistant Director are attended.



Must possess demonstrated skills in the following areas:

  1. Outdoor Skills including: Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Ropes Course, and Mountain Biking.
  2. Camping Skills including: Camp games and mixers, Bible study, and Field Sports
  3. Interpersonal Relations
  4. Team Player
  5. Communication (oral and written)
  6. Planning and scheduling

Knowledge and Abilities

  1. An authentic personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ consistent with the Tall Timber Statement of Belief, and a genuine love for the Church, both of which are reflected in lifestyle.
  2. A basic understanding of the unique ministry of Christian Camping.
  3. Possesses or can qualify for the following: current First Aid and CPR Certification or equivalent, current driver’s license, and a current Food Handler's Card.
  4. Knowledge, aptitude, interest, and demonstrated satisfactory performance in the following areas: Outdoor Skills including: Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Ropes Course, and Mountain Biking.  Camping Skills including: Camp games and mixers, Bible study, and, Field Sports.
  5. Experience with Social Networking Applications
  6. Provides their own personal recreation equipment and clothing. Professional discounts available with employment.


  1. An agreement with the policies of Tall Timber.
  2. An agreement with the Statement of Belief.
  3. An agreement with the Philosophy of Camping.
  4. A commitment to the health and safety of all guests and staff.
  5. A commitment to building and maintaining staff unity.
  6. A willingness to work within the lines of authority.
  7. An openness to learn in all areas.
  8. A commitment that the appearance and the preservation of the natural surroundings will be a primary consideration for all work.
  9. A willingness to live and work within the unique context of the Tall Timber setting.
  10. An understanding of and willingness to work with differing theological perspectives in the Christian tradition

Email your cover letter and a resume to Zachary Miller.