2018 Summer Staff

Cabin Counselor(s)

At Tall Timber, our cabin counselors are the face of camp on the “front line” of our ministry. We know that the life changing experiences that happen here are often due to conversations had in cabins, facilitated by our counselors. We strive to always have a fleet of counselors we are proud of and trust with such significant work. Our counselors spend the entire day every day with their cabin of campers, from waking up in the cabins in the morning to reflection and devotion times at night. The only exception to this is during our older camps when campers have the freedom of signing up for “afternoon options,” during which they rotate through the activities of their choosing. During this time, counselors are stationed at the various activity stations (ropes course, rock wall, archery course, etc.) to help facilitate this experience for the campers. Come invest in yourself and your campers to make a significant positive impact in kids lives. 

Senior Counselor(s)

The Senior Counselors serve on and contribute to our summer staff by building and supporting community within the counseling staff, who are the face of the camp to our kids.  Tall Timber hires two senior counselors each summer, a male and female, responsible for mentorship and supervision for their respective gendered counseling staff, of which there are 12 in total, 6 of each gender. They are expected to foster healthy Christ-centered relationships that also provide professional development.  The Senior Counselors walk side by side with the counselors and provide support (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).  This also assumes that Senior Counselors will have the knowledge and expertise to handle crisis situations, in whatever forms they appear. Senior counselors will have the time each week to check in with all of the counselors, to support and guide them as well as provide feedback and criticism to help them grow and mature as both counselors and people.  In addition, Senior Counselors serve on the program team, and help to make all of the camp programs run and function. These programs include set up for camp activities, helping with special worship services, leading group games, and making announcements to our campers.

Adventure Specialist

The Adventure Specialist is the go-to guy or gal for the more intense and adventurous activities around camp. While they will not be the only person trained in leading these activities around camp (we train as many of our counselors and leadership team as possible), they will be taking lead on much of the setup, cleanup, and execution of these tasks. For our younger camps, these activities include a nature based lesson or activity in the morning, and leading adventurous activities in the afternoons, such as hikes, with helping hands from our other staff. For our older campers, the Adventure Specialist will typically lead a morning nature activity similar to our younger camps, and will head up the various ropes elements, rock wall, canoeing, and/or longer hikes, again with help from our other summer staff members. At times when there are not any adventure activities going on, the Adventure Specialist serves on the Program Team, the group of staff that help run all programs around camp. Being a member of the Program team includes lending a hand with set up for camp activities, helping with special worship services, leading group games, and making announcements to our campers.

Crafts Specialist

The Crafts Specialist is in charge of coordinating and executing all crafts for our summer programs, though there is much more to the position than that, as the Craft Specialist is a member of the Program Team. As a member of this team, they will meet daily to figure out how to best help and serve the programming needs of camp. Though this is often leading crafts, at times when no crafts are being offered, the Crafts Specialist will assist however they are best able. This list often includes set up for camp activities, helping with special worship services, leading group games, and making announcements to our campers. Crafts take place either in the mornings or as an “afternoon option,” a time during which campers sign up for their favorite activities in up to three time slots, then show up and participate in their desired activity. For our older campers, the Crafts Specialist will also be asked to lead a seminar on art and how it can or does relate to faith, usually lasting between an hour and an hour and a half.

Media Specialist

This position is responsible to capture, using video, still, audio media, the activities of each week of Camp, staff training, and when possible off site adventure activities. Each week is a little different than the next but a comprehensive video at the end of each week of camp will be presented as early as 9am the last day of Camp. The video will be produced in a short format (2-3 minutes) and a long format (5-6 min). All files will be organized. The best photos of each week will be posted to SmugMug and daily updates during each day of camp will be posted to our Blog. This is a great chance to build a portfolio and share the stories of each week of camp with campers and parents so that kids might remember what many kids look back to as the best week of their year.

Music Specialist

Our Music Specialist is often one of the most known and favorite faces of camp: it is a job that does well with an optimistic and positive attitude. The Music Specialist has a lot of responsibilities at camp, starting with the week of staff training when they are responsible for putting together a praise band and putting together a portfolio of praise songs (we have many resources here, they just need to be fine tuned to the Music Specialist’s liking). This may sound like a daunting task, but we typically have many talented musicians on staff very eager to help lend their talents to the praise band. The other music heavy time is the nightly campfire, which is a mix of silly and traditional Tall Timber sings (and any the Music Specialist wants to introduce!) followed by some more calming music to set the tone for the speaker to deliver the message each night. In addition to these fixed times that we always have music, there are also various special occasions throughout the summer when music is appreciated, and the Music Specialist is always the go to. In addition to these responsibilities, the Music Specialist is also part of the program team, meaning that they help make sure that all of the programs run throughout the day by lending a hand when they have one to give. Afternoon options happen daily, a time when kids sign up for their favorite activities and go do them. The Music Specialist helps run these as they are able (BMX, ropes course, hiking, etc.) and occasionally offer a music option (drum circle, jam session, etc.). For our older camps, the music specialist will be asked to develop a seminar on music and faith, or something similar. The Music Specialist, like all positions at Tall Timber, is dynamic in nature and takes a lot of heart, drive, energy, and love.

Summer Secretary

The summer secretary helps behind the scenes at Tall Timber. An enthusiastic person who has strong logistical and organizational skills, this person helps organize registration and then is the first smiling face people may interact with as their campers check in. On top of assisting with registration and closing of each week, the summer secretary assists the Assistant Director in administrative work each week, especially as the registrar. This will frequently include trips to the office at the end of our 7 mile windy road into camp for making copies, grabbing mail, and general administrative work. When it comes to the day to day running of camp, the Secretary further helps by running and maintaining the camp store while also helping with logistical planning, often coordinating shuttle lists, helping with horse bookings, and facilitating on and off-site adventure logistics. For this reason, the Summer Secretary is included within the Program Team, and when possible, assists with the general running of program when time and freedom allow. The Summer Secretary is a vital part of camp and often works behind the scenes to help make camp run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Expedition Leaders

Our Expedition Leaders at Tall Timber wear the most hats of any position on staff. They serve not only as guides through a myriad of outdoor pursuits each summer, but also as camp counselor to the kids (and sometimes adults), the cook, the nurse, the Bible study teacher, the van driver, and lots more in between. Expedition Leaders run their own miniature camp each week that rotates back and forth between our regular Expeditions (Riverfest, To the Summit, Backpacking Sampler, and Leavenworth Rock) and our Service Expeditions, during which they will be leading a youth group through a combination of service projects and small scale Expeditions (see the Service Expedition page for more information). The two Expedition Leaders (one male and one female) form a small and vital team that ministers to a completely different audience than our regular summer camps do. While the Expedition Leaders are included in our summer staff and participate in all of the staff team building and bonding that comes during staff training, they spend the most time away from the rest of summer staff, as their weeks are spent primarily off site Sunday-Friday. There is intensive training that takes place for this team on and off throughout the first 3 weeks they are here, intermingled with training that the on-site summer staff receives and hands on training in the field with the first summer groups that come in (Family Camp and Adventure Camp). The Program Director and Executive Director are responsible for this training, and will not leave the side of the Expedition Leaders until they are fully competent safely leading all offered outdoor pursuits. Although there is a lot of work and many details to cover as an Expedition Leader, the dynamic nature of the job means that it is always exciting, fresh, and an amazing environment to grow with campers of all ages in admiring and learning more about the awesome works of God in His most obvious creation, the beautiful pristine back country.

Assistant Cook(s)

The Assistant Cook team plays an important role in the daily functions of our kitchen. It is a fast-paced environment that has to meet three unmovable deadlines a day called Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Our Assistant Cooks will be stepping into this role that helps prepare two meals every day as well as preparing items for the next day. This prep work ensures that every meal goes out on time, and its quality is assured. Despite the kitchen being a busy place, we keep a positive and Christ-centered attitude in all that we do. The kitchen is here to provide for the needs of all who work and come to camp here by providing plentiful amounts of wholesome food. By doing so, we can remove as many physical distractions as possible and allow the true purpose of camp to come through. This position will have regularly scheduled hours every week as well as scheduled days off. This scheduling ensures that the Assistant Cooks can be well-rested and can meet the fast-pace & physical demands of working in a professional kitchen while keeping a positive Christ-centered attitude.

Facilities Assistant(s)

The Facilities Assistants are a crew that you don't mess with. They get all the behind the scenes ministry work done so the rest of the staff can focus on the campers, not where the next roll of toilet paper is coming from. We seek applicants that are high school graduates with a positive commitment to Christ and to our statement of belief.  We ask that you have a desire to serve others as well as a desire to learn various skills, including but not limited to: irrigation, electrical, plumbing, mechanical maintenance, and repair. You must enjoy physical outdoor work and be able to lift 50lbs repetitively. The Facilities Assistants, with guidance from the Facilities Director, will work with other staff and volunteers in the daily camp operations at Tall Timber, i.e. Maintenance projects, landscaping, lawn care, irrigation operation, restroom sanitation and cabin cleaning. Come join us for summer to remember on the Facilities Crew. Apply today. 

Working at Tall Timber

The best summer of your life is waiting for you at Tall Timber, a stunningly beautiful camp in Leavenworth, Washington.  Spend eight weeks at camp during which time you will impact kids’ lives, become part of a long-lasting community, and grow professionally, spiritually, and personally. 

About Tall Timber

Tall Timber borders the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area and is filled with lush meadows, massive cedars, and glacial rivers that are surrounded by towering, snow capped peaks. Camps are offered to 1st-12th graders where we provide solid Biblical teaching supported by our out-of-this-world summer staff who are selected for their deep commitment to follow Christ and model Him with our campers. This combination provides a catalyst for growth and change that is simply dynamic.  Each year Tall Timber hires a summer staff of about 25 for an intense 8-10 week stretch of employment during our busy summer camp season.  Working at summer camp is an opportunity to apply your skills and experience in meaningful Christian service. Could you be one of those people?  There are a variety of positions available. Check out our list below!

The Fine Print


All summer positions at Tall Timber are paid $175 for each week of service, with paychecks presented at the end of each calendar month. If you are a returning staff member you will receive an additional $10 per week for each returned summer for up to $30 per week. Room and board will be provided for the duration of the summer as well as 1-2 days off per week and a mid-summer break of 3 days.  No compensation will be received for a canceled event, unless performing other assigned tasks. Compensation is determined by the Executive Director and approved by the Tall Timber Board.   


Summer staff training begins on June 13th, and most positions run through August 5th. We do hire some staff to start in May to help with our Outdoor Education program, so please let us know if this is an option for you. We also invite a handful of staff through the month of August if you are available. Please let us know if that is an option for you when you apply. 

Requirements For Employment:

We hire staff age 18 and up. Keep in mind there are requirements for staff to be eligible to drive, some of which are age, experience, and driving record. Some positions require certifications, such as a Lifeguard Certification.

What is provided?

We provide an amazing summer community experience at Tall Timber. This is a community of friends where you will make connections that you will hold dear for your life. We of course provide food and lodging during your stay, as well as an amazing space to call home for the summer. 

Steps for applying for a position:

Step 1: Click the link below to download the staff application.

Step 2: Email your completed application to zachary@talltimber.org

Step 3: We will email you with application details in 7-10 business days

Organizational Statements:

Please see the "What We Believe" and "Family Life at Tall Timber" section of our website for our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Statement of Faith before applying as we require all employees to agree to these statements. You will also be asked to agree to our Staff Handbook which includes several policies, such as our Substance Abuse and Conduct policies.