There's a reason we've been running summer camps for over 50 years: because they're awesome.  They're also foundational to the growth and identity of so many students. Ask them to share about a pivotal moment in their lives and many will point to an experience they had at summer camp.  Why?  Because camp provides an environment where kids are able to disconnect from the noise and distractions of their daily lives and reconnect with themselves, their friends, and God. 













We want every student and family to have an opportunity to attend a life-changing event at Tall Timber, regardless of their financial situation.  If the cost of a camp or event is a bit out of reach for you, we recommend exploring the following options:  

  1. Check with your own church (if you attend).  Many churches have scholarship funds for camps and youth events.  If they don't, there are generous individuals who are willing to donate to this cause.  This may be for up to 30-50% of the total camp fee.  If you are able to pursue this option, simply register for a week of camp, there is a scholarship application available in the registration process.
  2. If you attend a church in Northwest Coast Presbytery the Presbytery will offer scholarships for up to 30% of the camp fee.  This also extends to friends who were invited to camp by a Northwest Coast Presbytery attendee. 
  3. If none of these options works for you or it's still not enough help, Tall Timber has a scholarship fund which will provide for anyone else who needs assistance.